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Too Many Sites!

"Looking at all the photo sharing sites our there (Smugmug, Flickr, Picasa, Snapfish, ClarkColor, Kodak Gallery, RtizPic, even Facebook, just to name a few), which one is the “best”? Is your head spinning yet?" Read About How To Choose a Photo Sharing Site

To Pay Or Not Pay?

"Recently, there have been several photo sharing services that charge either a monthly or yearly fee to use the service. Is it worth it? Well, as we talked about in the first issue, of course it depends. Here are some of the pros and cons" Read To Pay Or Not To Pay

How To Get SmugMug Snapfish Discounts

"Learn how to find the best discounts BEFORE ordering your prints or photo gifts online, and save big money. Something is ALWAYS on sale..." Read How To Get SmugMug Snapfish Discounts

4x6 Race - Which Site Delivers Prints the Fastest?

"One of the key service metrics of any photo printing site, besides photo quality and price, is delivery time. Unfortunately, this is something that is IMPOSSIBLE to find on the vendor’s sites. There is virtually no information available at how long it will actually take from the time you click order until the time the photos show up at your door. " Read more to find out if Smugmug or Snapfish wins the race

Pro Quality Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

"One of the biggest disappointments is taking pictures with your new fancy digital camera, ordering prints, then getting the photos only to realize they didn’t come out that well. Here is a great book on some professional photo techniques and also some free tips from Kodak to help you take better pictures. " Read Digital Camera Tips and Tricks

Learn How To Sell Stock Photography

"did you know that there are some sites that let you post your pictures for use as stock photography and make money every time they are purchased? It’s a great system that nets you money automatically once you upload the picture. You already did the hard work, why not get some reward from it." Read about How To Make Money by Selling Your Digital Photos Online

Sell Your Own Photos On SmugMug or Shutterfly Pro

"There are several services online that let you setup a portfolio, show your galleries, and then set your own prices for all the photos within that gallery. The best part is, each gallery can have its own prices..." Read Sell Your Photos Online

How to Start A Photography Business

"Now that we have reviewed some tips for how to sell your photographs, why not take the next step and actually get started? " Read the Photo Business Guide

How Not To lose all your Digital Photos Forever

"Photo Sharing Tip #9 – What you DO NOT want to happen" Read the Full Photo Sharing News Updates