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Here's your ninth issue of The Photo Sharing Tips e-letter. In this issue, we discuss some nasty and often forgotten pitfalls of the photo sharing industry. I have attached some articles to illustrate my points.

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Photo Sharing Tip #9 – What you DO NOT want to happen

Readers, I know if you are like me, my digital pictures are one of my post precious assets. I would gladly give up my flat screen TV, my couch, even my camera or my car just to save those images, which are totally irreplaceable. But does that mean your should never use one of the “free” photo sharing sites? No, of course not. Just understand what you are getting into, and what they offer, before you RELY on them for something they don’t offer. That’s why I always use Smugmug AND one of the free sites at the same time (whoever has the best deals). Give Smugmug a shot with a free trial today and see what it can give you:

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