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50 Free Prints Just for Trying Snapfish!

Photo Sharing Tip #1 – Too many sites, my head hurts….and Features Galore!

Looking at all the photo sharing sites our there (Smugmug, Flickr, Picasa, Snapfish, ClarkColor, Kodak Gallery, RtizPic, even Facebook, just to name a few), which one is the “best”?  Is your head spinning yet?

If you have had a chance to read the Detailed Report we sent out to you a couple days ago, you understand the depth of features offered by these sites. With over 150 different features reviewed and summarized, it could be hard to make a choice.

Another resource Photo Sharing Reviews can provide you is a core feature comparison chart. This chart is not available to the public and the link is not published on our site (we only compare four sites there), so you can only access it through below. This chart should make comparing the major 9 photo sharing sites a bit easier for you to accomplish.


To help you get started making your decision, I would first focus on the core question #1:

What is more important, print price or archival storage of all my photos?

After all our research at Photo Sharing Reviews, we have found that the best in class offerings of these two features (that is print price and unlimited storage and downloads) are almost never offered together. The cheapest print prices, generally have the poorest storage and backup options.

50 Free Prints Just for Trying Snapfish!

Answering this question, will give you a good starting place to make a decision about which service to use. Then again, don’t be afraid to try out a couple services, or use multiple services for different reasons. Using one service (say Shutterfly or Snpafish) for cheap prints and another (say Smugmug) to backup and display your photos works for a lot of people!

In our next issue, we will compare the benefits and drawbacks to using a paid service. Until then, happy shooting!