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Here's your third issue of The Photo Sharing Tips e-letter. Today we look at how to save tons of cash when ordering your prints and photo books. Hope you enjoy it!

Find discounts Now

Photo Sharing Tip #3 – Where are all the discounts?

To tell you the truth, one thing used to INFURIATE ME more than anything else. I used to use Kodak Gallery (previously Ofoto) religiously. I would order prints for friends, family, and even clients occasionally when I was just starting out my photography business. I would make a big order for $100, sometimes more, than just find out that I could have used a 30% off discount code that would have saved me BIG TIME. But, Kodak doesn’t let you apply discounts after the fact, so I was just plain out of luck.

Find discounts Now

And it got EVEN worse: The more competition Kodak had, the more frequently they would offer discounts and savings. It got to the point where I would sometimes refuse to order anything unless I had a discount in hand (and now I never order from anywhere without some type of discount or coupon).

The biggest problem, where to find all these discounts? Searching for “Ofoto Discount Code” online sometimes worked, but sometimes it didn’t. Many sites were inundated with links that had expired or useless discount codes.

So at PSR we decided to do something about it! We formed affiliate relationships with all the big name companies, so they send us the details of their sales, sometimes BEFORE they even happen. We constantly update our Coupon section as a bonus to our readers. This is the BEST and ONLY spot online where I have been able to find discounts for all these photo services together in one place. And we do it for you (we make next to nothing promoting these coupon codes, and it takes a ton of our time, but our readers love them!)

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