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Here's your eighth issue of The Photo Sharing Tips e-letter. In this issue, we discuss the possibility of setting up your own photography business. Did you know that it is possible to earn a part or full time living with your photography skills?

Learn how to make money selling your photographs today!

Photo Sharing Tip #8 – Easy way to part time income

Now that we have reviewed some tips for how to sell your photographs, why not take the next step and actually get started? I have read these two eBooks and definitely recommend you check them out. Both will not only help you get started (motivation and examples of success are very important when starting something new online), but they also give you step-by-step tips. I also found it very interesting to learn about a photography job called a “field rep”, how to sell your images offline for glamour or other uses, plus how to turn a love of sports into a great paying business at sporting events. There were so many ways to make money with my camera I didn’t even know about until I read this book, so check it out!

Learn how to make money selling your photographs today!

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