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Here's your fourth issue of The Photo Sharing Tips e-letter. In this issue we looked up a previous quality test that our editors performed in real time, a race to the finish! We ordered from our favorite 4 photo sites to see who could deliver the fastest with just standard delivery, check it out below to see who won.

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Photo Sharing Tip #4 – I need it fast, what to do?

One of the key service metrics of any photo printing site, besides photo quality and price, is delivery time. Unfortunately, this is something that is IMPOSSIBLE to find on the vendor’s sites. There is virtually no information available at how long it will actually take from the time you click order until the time the photos show up at your door.

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I ordered from 4 of the top photo printing sites on the same day for the same number of 4×6 prints. I choose the cheapest shipping option so I could compare apples to apples. Who would deliver first? Here are the results, exclusively at

Order Date: Wednesday 9/3, 20 4×6 glossy pictures from ClarkColor, Smugmug, Kodak Easy Share Gallery, and Snapfish.

Ranked in order of arrival

1st: Clarkcolor - Sat 9/6 - only 3 days! WOW. Fast.

2nd: Snapfish - Mon 9/8 – 5 days - if it wasn’t for the weekend, it would have been on the 7th I bet, still 2nd place

3rd: Kodak Gallery - Fri 9/12 - 9 days…quite a wait.

4th: Smugmug - Mon 9/15 - 12 days…Quality takes a long time I ordered.

Please note that these are not scientific results, as I didn’t run the test many times to account for differences in delivery and printing from the factory, and your experiences may vary. But it was very illuminating to see the different speeds at which each service delivers the photos.

The bottom line: Smugmug has the best quality prints in PSR’s opinion, however you have to wait quite a while for those prints to show up. If you need them in a hurry (and by the way want them cheap – ClarkColor offers 8 cent prints, plus 40 FREE on your first order for new customers).

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Hope that helps your get your prints on time! In the next issue, we go over some good resources for taking better quality photos.