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PhotoShelter Pro Account Review and Coupon Code

Designed from the ground-up for pros, with best-in-class features like virtual agencies, FTP accounts, client management features, plus great SEO and social media tools.
You get what you pay for, and PhotoShelter is not cheap. We also wish they had a video hosting option.
Free Trial! Pro Review Summary

Bookmark and Share Read on about the site that enables over 60,000 professional photographer portfolios. Also, check out our other review: Photoshelter vs. ZenFolio vs. SmugMug

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Quick Stats:

Pricing Good, three different levels of service (but no free option)
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Print Labs Supported

Great, PhotoShelter is the only photo sharing service that supports both self-serve printing (for difficult sizes or those control freaks who want everything perfect), or one of 4 great labs:

Customizable Galleries? Great, high degree of customization including full CSS modifications
Backup Photos? Good, lots of storage and bandwidth, depending on account level
Print at Home? Great, any size, for free
Easy to Sell Photos? The Best! Easy to setup, you set your photo price, keep 92% of the profits (lowest percentage of all reviewed photosharing sites)

Is PhotoShelter Pro Worth the Price?

If you are serious about your photography, then that is an easy answer, yes! If you want to start a photography business (either full or part time), want to reach potential clients and customers in the market place, and want to network and collaborate with other professional photographers, then PhotoShelter is the single best place to do that.

PhotoShelter is the best for Professional (or aspiring professional) Photographers

There are many photosharing sites out there that let you sell photos and make a profit. And there are a handful of sites that let you make a totally customized webpage, incorporate professional branding, and give clients access to private galleries. But there is only one site that we have found that is designed from the ground-up with the professional photographer in mind (hint: its PhotoShelter):. It is all about improving the photographer's workflow, increasing efficiency, and getting more exposure for your photography. Check out their extensive features list.

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What we like best about PhotoShelter

The features that got PSR excited about PhotoShelter Include:

  • Great looking galleries (with full customization if you wish)
  • Matching wordpress templates for your blogs (super cool - read our review of the photoshelter wordpress feature)
  • Start a photography business easily with PhotoShelter
  • The PhotoShelter Archive makes gallery management so easy
  • 4 different choices of fulfillment labs
  • Great ecommerce options (read more about PhotoShelter's ecommerce features here)
  • Low royalties when selling prints
  • Digital downloads with different license types
  • Virtual agencies with other photographers to increase exposure
  • Fantastic SEO tools and guidance about how to use them
  • FTP accounts (Finally! no more browser plug-ins or desktop tools required)
  • Huge range of file types supported: JPG, TIF, PSD, RAW, PDF, GIF, PNG, more...

PhotoShelter Drawbacks

Besides the price (which is not cheap, but you get what you pay for), the main drawbacks to using Photo Shelter really depends on your needs and where you plan to take your photography. If you are not planning on ever launching a photography business, Photo Shelter is probably too much service for you, and there will be too many features that you are paying for that you will never use. But, for those Photographers who want to go to the next level, I think PhotoShelter gives you the tools you need to get there.

PhotoShelter Pricing and Storage

PhotoShelter gives you a lot of great features. And unlike most other Photo Sharing Services, you can also upload your .tiffs and RAW files (Which can be huge). However, there is no unlimited storage option, instead, you get from 10GB to 1000GB of storage space, depending on the plan you select.

  • Basic Plan - $98 first year with our discount (reg price $109) - 10GB storage
  • Standard Plan - $296 first year with our discount (reg price $329) - 60GB storage
  • Professional Plan - $494 first year with our discount (reg price $549) - 1000GB (1 TB) a year

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