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Designed from the ground-up for pros, with best-in-class features like virtual agencies, FTP accounts, client management features, plus great SEO and social media tools.
You get what you pay for, and PhotoShelter is not cheap. We also wish they had a video hosting option
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Bookmark and Share PhotoShelter the professional grade photo sharing and selling service that also comes with a matching wordpress theme for your blog. Read on below to read learn about the top Photoshelter features...or go to our full fledged Photoshelter review here.

Quick PhotoShelter Stats:

Pricing Good, three different levels of service (but no free option)
Intro Offer Good, 14 day trial for FREE - Current PhotoShelter Pro Free Trial
Print Labs Supported

Great, PhotoShelter is the only photo sharing service that supports both self-serve printing (for difficult sizes or those control freaks who want everything perfect), or one of 4 great labs.

Customizable Galleries? Great, high degree of customization including full CSS modifications
Backup Photos? Good, lots of storage and bandwidth, depending on account level
Print at Home? Great, any size, for free
Easy to Sell Photos? The Best! Easy to setup, you set your photo price, keep 92% of the profits (lowest percentage of all reviewed photosharing sites)

What makes PhotoShelter the top choice for Pro Photographers?

PhotoShelter has the great tools to create a fully customized, hosted, photo e-commerce platform. Combined with industry leading SEO tools, virtual agency representation, and an active community of over 65,000 professional photographers in every industry, PhotoShelter is the best place for professionals and those just starting their own photography business.

Selling photos is something that  PhotoShelter  does better than any other service. You can use your PhotoShelter account to sell prints, all kinds of photo products, and downloads (either commercial or personal use licenses available). This is great to sell prints to your clients, as well as letting your friends and family download copies of your prints at a totally different price structure (or, free!).

PhotoShelter Top Feature Review

Here are just a few of the great features you'll get when you set-up a PhotoShelter e-commerce account:

Choose your own lab. Automatically-fulfill your print and product orders with our four professional partners AdoramaPix, Exposure Manager, ezprints and Spectrum Photographic (UK) or self-fulfill your orders to maintain total control. PhotoShelter is the only photosharing service to offer this many choices, or to let you self-fulfill. Most other services stick you with only one or two lab choices at most.

Pricing help. In this ever changing market, It is often very challenging to know how to price your photography. To help photographers price their photos correctly, PhotoShelter has partnered with a service called fotoQuote, the market leading pricing calculator. This handy tool is built directly into your PhotoShelter shopping cart, to make it easy for you to gauge market rates and choose the price that will maximize your profit!

Create custom coupons to drive sales. PhotoShelter lets you create coupons to market to your customers by offering a percentage or dollar discount on your products. You can set limits by date and number of uses and track who is using them.

Activate your PhotoShelter e-commerce account today to use these great features!


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