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Designed from the ground-up for pros, with best-in-class features like virtual agencies, FTP accounts, client management features, plus great SEO and social media tools.
You get what you pay for, and PhotoShelter is not cheap. We also wish they had a video hosting option
Free Trial! Wordpress Plugin Review

Bookmark and Share PhotoShelter provides photographers with a top notch photo sharing and selling service that also comes with a matching wordpress theme for your blog. Read on below to read our review on the wordpress plugin...or go to our regular Photoshelter review here.

Quick PhotoShelter Stats:

Pricing Good, three different levels of service (but no free option)
Intro Offer Good, 14 day trial for FREE - Current PhotoShelter Pro FREE Trial
Print Labs Supported

Great, PhotoShelter is the only photo sharing service that supports both self-serve printing (for difficult sizes or those control freaks who want everything perfect), or one of 4 great labs:

Customizable Galleries? Great, high degree of customization including full CSS modifications
Backup Photos? Good, lots of storage and bandwidth, depending on account level
Print at Home? Great, any size, for free
Easy to Sell Photos? The Best! Easy to setup, you set your photo price, keep 92% of the profits (lowest percentage of all reviewed photosharing sites)

What is the PhotoShelter Wordpress Plugin?

PhotoShelter has released an official Wordpress Theme, which is fully integrated with your PhotoShelter Account. Wordpress is a blogging platform, and if you have never heard of it before, you can find out more at This wordpress theme is great for photographers who already have an active wordpress blog, or for those photographers who are thinking of creating. Creating a photo blog is a great idea, and while its a bit too much to go into here, having a wordpress blog will make it more likely that your posts and photos will be found by the search engines.

PhotoShelter's official Wordpress Plug-in seamlessly integrates your blog and PhotoShelter Account

The most amazing thing about the official PhotoShelter Wordpress Theme is that it allows you separately operate two distinct Websites (aka your Wordpress Blog and your PhotoShelter Website), but maintain the exact same "skin", so it looks identical to the end-user! So as you create blog articles, you can insert photos directly from your PhotoShelter account quite easily. And when users click on a photo or a gallery, it brings you directly to the photoshelter account where they can purchase and license your photos. The genius is, it looks like its the same site! Quite a nice tool.

Video showing PhotoShelter Wordpress Plugin in Action

Add PhotoShelter photos & galleries to WordPress from Graph Paper Press on Vimeo.

Want To Try PhotoShelter for Yourself?

Get a FREE Trial of Photoshelter here, and use all the pro features for two weeks to see if you like the features..

What we like best about PhotoShelter's Pro Account

The features that got PSR excited about PhotoShelter Include:

  • Great looking galleries (with full customization if you wish)
  • Matching wordpress templates for your blogs (super cool)
  • The PhotoShelter Archive makes gallery management so easy
  • 4 different choices of fulfillment labs
  • Low royalties when selling prints
  • Digital downloads with different license types
  • Virtual agencies with other photographers to increase exposure
  • Fantastic SEO tools and guidance about how to use them
  • FTP accounts (Finally! no more browser plug-ins or desktop tools required)
  • Huge range of file types supported: JPG, TIF, PSD, RAW, PDF, GIF, PNG, more...

Try PhotoShelter Today and See For Yourself: PhotoShelter Pro Best Offer