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Sweet galleries, great social media features, slick UI, watermarks, right-click protection for your photos, custom domain name, great looking galleries, easy photo sharing and selling
No CSS modifications, limited gallery display options, somewhat expensive prints relative to other sites
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Quick Stats:

Pricing Good, four different levels of service (but no free option)
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Good, 14 day free trial plus $10 off Any account- Current Zenfolio Best Offer

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Zenfolio Print Prices (4x6 glossy) OK, 19 cents each for pro-grade prints
Customizable Galleries? Good, several pre-defined layouts plus other options including customized domain name, logo, and color schemes
Backup Photos? Great, unlimited storage and free downloads for pro accounts
Print at Home? Great, any size, for free
Easy to Sell Photos? Great, you set your photo price, credit card and PayPal payments accepted. You get 88% of the profit (after cost)

Zenfolio Highlights

Best looking galleries right out of the box. Organize folders and galleries anyway you like, unlimited nested folders. Easily create a client access page with password. Apply client logo and branding throughout entire checkout process (only site that can do this). Create smart discounts or coupons for your clients. Photographers can also choose to self-fulfill their orders, still taking advantage of the Zenfolio shopping cart, in case they prefer a lab that isn’t integrated with Zenfolio, or want to offer unique products.

Is Zenfolio Worth the Price?

The Zenfolio accounts range from $30 to $250 a year (with the mid-price plan at $60 a year), all offering a very good value. The $25 account is somewhat limited, as it only offers 2Gig to start plus 1G of extra storage for each year you are a member, and fewer options for customization than the other account levels. For many users, the $60 a year "Unlimited" account is the best value , giving you unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and some ability to customize the look and feel of your gallery with different layouts. For an extra $60 a year, upgrade to the Premium Plan ($120 total). At this level, users can use their own domain name, remove the Zenfolio logo completely, add watermarks to their photos, as well as sell photos for a 12% commission (as well as a bunch of other pro level features). It is one of the cheapest plans available that lets you sell photos and customize the storefront so it looks like your own, and it works quite well. Zenfolio's most expensive option, the Premium Business plan, is aimed at the top-end photosharing market and comes with some additional useful features offering complete control over the selling process, self-fulfillment of orders, and other useful features for working professional photographers.

Zenfolio Pro Is one of the Best Sites To Sell Your Photos Online

I reviewed all the sites that let you sell photos, and Zenfolio is one of the best, as well as one of the cheapest! For $100 a year and only 12% commission, you can turn your hobby into a small business, or take your studio to the next level with a very small investment. The photos are shipped in plain "vanilla" packaging so as not to confuse your customers, and you can offer a variety of print sizes and even digital downloads at any price you want. Set one price for prints across your entire site, or have different prices by gallery or even photo, the choice is up to you.

New Zenfolio Premium Business Plan

The new Premium Business plan from Zenfolio seems like a lot of extra money, for only a few extra features. But, for working professional photographers, those extra features are extremely useful. Based on feedback from lots of users, Zenfolio completely redesigned their shopping cart, adding the ability for their premium users to completely manage their customers shopping experience, giving photographers a lot more control over the order fulfillment process. Read our full review of Zenfolio's Premium Business Plan

What we love about Zenfolio

  • Easiest and best looking photo sharing galleries
  • Bargain prices for all plans
  • Most plans with unlimited traffic and storage
  • High quality customer service

Try Zenfolio Today and See For Yourself: Pro Free Trial Offer