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Clark Color Labs Review

Lowest 4x6 Price without pre-purchase, 8 cents each. Cheap 4.99 photo CD available on checkout, great website with similar look and feel to Snapfish
Visitors must log in to view shared galleries, No customizable galleries, Annual purchase requirement or account is deleted.
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Bookmark and Share ClarkColor has some big time competition, but they score well, in both ease of use and print pricing.

Clark Color Quick Stats:

Pricing Good, Free with annual purchase
Intro Offer Great, Free prints (up to 40 depending on offer) - Current Best Intro Offer
Clark Color Print Prices (4x6 glossy) Great, 8 cents each
Customizable Galleries? Poor, no customization
Backup Photos? Good, you can download original full resolution photos for free
Print at Home? None
Easy to Share Galleries? OK, your friends must sign-in to see your prints

ClarkColor Likes:

Because they aren't one of the "big boys", ClarkColor doesn't have all the bells and whistles that Smugmug, Kodak and Snapfish offer. It uses an almost identical User Interface, upload tool, and processing engine as Snapfish, just with a different color scheme. I am not sure if the companies are related, or just purchased the same third-party display tool. In either case, the upload widget is identical. This is actually good news for ClarkColor users, as the website is clean, easy to use, and easy to upload photos.

One of the best ClarkColor features allows you to download your original full resolution photos for free (Snapfish charges you 5 cents a pop). If you do a lot of photo printing, you will definitely appreciate the low print prices (tied for lowest in this survey). Unlinke Snapfish however, you cannot upload videos or use the nifty print from home feature found on their site.

ClarkColor Dislikes:

The biggest drawback users might find with ClarkColor are the same laundry list of complaints we hear over and over: Users must log-in to view your photos (so your friends will have to create yet another account), guests cannot download original files for their own printing, and you have zero control over gallery look and feel when you do share those precious photos, and of course you must make at least one purchase a year, or your account may be deleted.

Bottom Line:

Overall, ClarkColor scores surprisingly well for a "second tier" name, and competes very well against "top tier" vendors if you know what you are looking for. If you only want to do a lot of prints, for the cheapest cost, then this is the site for you!

Give it a spin: Free Trial and Print Coupon