Top 10 Photo Sharing Sites #6 - #10

What kind of photo sharing do you need? We reviewed the 10 most popular below...

Bookmark and Share PhotoShack, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Flickr, Picasa...the list goes on and on. How can you choose the best photo sharing site for your needs? We compiled a top 10 list, with something for every budget and need. Read on below to find out about the big and the small differences of each service, and find out how to get unpublished discounts and coupon codes for each site too. Read reviews for #1 through #5 here

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Top 10 Overall Online PhotoSharing Sites - Sites #6-#10


Best Offer - Try Shutterfly

Why its popular: Shutterfly is not just a photo printing service, but a great photo sharing service too. Store unlimited photos, forever. No account deletions. You can create great looking Shutterfly photo pages, with some customization, to showcase your photos your way. There is also a Professional Integration option, to let you sell your photos for a profit it you wish. They also have some of the best photo books, prints, and other items should you decide to print.

Drawbacks: Pro account looks dated, and has few customization options besides setting your own price.

Price: Free to $99 a year for the Pro account


Imgur Review

Best Offer - Try Imgur

Why its popular: Created by a user of a popular social news site (, Imgur is all about ease of use. It is designed for simplicity, and lets you upload one photo at a time or an entire gallery. By default, photos are private, and there are no printing functions at all. But, for sharing a couple pictures, either to your friends or to the entire internet, no tool is easier to use or better at that single purpose. With the free Imgur account, you can upload up to 75 photos.

Drawbacks: Photos are deleted if they haven't been viewed in 3 months (except for Pro accounts). There are ads on the site in addition to your photo (again, except for pros)

Price: Free, or $2.99 a month to $28.99 a year for Pro (no ads, no file deletions, unlimited uploads).


pbase review

Best Offer - Try PBase

Why its popular: Been around a while, you may recognize one of the oldest and still a popular photo sharing service called PBase. For sharing your photos, it does a great job, at a very reasonable price. Zip uploads, automatic unpacking, and some gallery customization, plus an active and helpful photography community forum.

Drawbacks: The design, UI, and overall look and fell of PBase is a bit dated. There are no slick "web2.0" type features, no SEO optimization help, and not much else besides good old fashioned photo sharing.

Price: $23 a year for 600 Megabytes, and $60 a year for 1800 megabytes Additional storage sold in 600 megabyte increments.


Snapfish Review

Best Offer - Try Snapfish

Why its popular: One of the largest photography sites on the net, Snapfish has a lot to offer. It offers easy to use galleries, ability to share photos with a link, or an email, over facebook, etc. Create great slideshows with free musical backgrounds (Called SnapShows), and create great-looking photobooks that you can even share online, or invite others into your workspace to help you create them collaboratively. Print your facebook photos easily via Snapfish.

Drawbacks: You cannot download your original, high resolution images. You cannot share the link to just one image. Must make purchases to keep account active.

Price: Free (with one purchase a year, otherwise, say goodbye to your photos)


Kodak Gallery Review

Best Offer - Try Kodak Gallery

Why its popular: Kodak Gallery just launched a new site this year, full of upgraded features. Gone are the days when you could only share photos with those that created an account and logged in, and in its place are slick galleries, great photo slide shows, and of course quality Kodak photo products should you decide to order. There is also an expanded feature set to help you control your photo sharing, keep track of who your friends send your pictures to, and lock down your galleries (if you want). Plus, Kodak Gallery is the only site that lets you download FULL resolution photos for free.

Drawbacks: The interface is upgraded, and looks slick, but sometimes looks a bit cluttered. You cannot share the link to just one image. Must make purchases to keep account active.

Price: Free (with one purchase a year, otherwise, say goodbye to your photos)

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