Top 10 Photo Sharing Sites Review

What kind of photo sharing do you need? We reviewed the 10 most popular below...

Bookmark and Share PhotoShack, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Flickr, Picasa...the list goes on and on. How can you choose the best photo sharing site for your needs? We compiled a top 10 list, with something for every budget and need. Read on below to find out about the big and the small differences of each service, and find out how to get unpublished discounts and coupon codes for each site too.

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Top 10 Overall Online PhotoSharing Sites

#1 - Most Recommended Overall

Best Offer - Try Zenfolio

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Why its popular: Best deal out there for photographers who want to sell their prints and downloads online. Zenfolio includes variety of gallery "templates", which look great and are easy to use. You can create your own photography portfolio or website very easily. You can add your own logo, download full-resolution images, and market yourself with some of the easiest-to-use SEO and social media features of any photo sharing service.

Drawbacks: Cannot fully customize your site with custom CSS. The most basic account comes with a 4 Gig / +2G extra per year photo upload limit, but still gives you a lot of great features when compared to similar accounts. Unlimited and Pro accounts are more popular and offer unlimited photo storage and bandwidth.

Price: Basic: $30/year with 4+2 Gig Limit, Unlimited: $60/year with no limit, Pro: $120/year with photo selling. Also with Premium Business plans available.

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#2 - Highly Recommended for working professionals and aspiring pros alike

Best Offer - Try PhotoShelter

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Why its popular: PhotoShelter is trusted by more than 60,000 professional and semi-pro photographers around the world. It has the most active network of people who are selling their work, a great support system, and excellent SEO tools to get you noticed. If you want to step up to the next level and work with a tool that is designed from the ground up for photographers from all industries who are currently selling their work, then PhotoShelter is by far the best photosharing service out there. Has a very nice client interface and management tool as well.

Drawbacks: Cannot fully customize your site with custom CSS, but the layouts and themes are super professional and look great. There are no unlimited accounts, and storage / bandwidth are based on your account level (from 10GB to 1000GB)

Price: $9.99/mo Basic (10G storage), $29.99/mo Standard (60G storage), $49.99/mo Professional (1TB - 1000G storage), Don't forget to use code 10PS1108 for a 10% discount for PhotoSharingReviews Readers!

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#3 - Recommended

SmugMug Rocks

Best Offer - Try Smugmug

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Why its popular: Designed from the ground up with the photographer in mind, the site packs tons of features for every level of photographer, from amateur through professional. Fully customizable, with the ability to remove the SmugMug logo and insert your own, sell photos online, and with an amazingly accessible and friendly support staff who is quick to answer basic questions, or help you customize your site. But if you want the ability to sell your photos, you will have to pony up $300 a year, or $35 a month.

Drawbacks: One of the costlier photosharing services online. Internal menus and controls look dated, not the slickest UI.

Price: $40 Basic Account, $60 for Power Account, $300 Pro Business Account (sell photos)

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Flickr Review

Best Offer - Try Flickr

Why its popular: Easy browsing, uploading, support for short videos, and some of the best photographer communities in every interest area contribute to a very vibrant and supportive community not found elsewhere. With an Alexa rank of 32, it is certainly one of the most popular websites on the internet.

Drawbacks: Free account limited to 100 Megabytes / month of upload, plus 2 videos. Cannot access full size images.

Price: Free with 100 Meg/month limit + 2 videos, $24.95 for unlimited photos

Check out the Flickr Pro for a very affordable way to upload as many pics as you like!

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Best Offer - Try Photobucket

Why its popular: As one of the top 50 sites on the internet in terms of traffic, is huge. You can share single photos, galleries, and even videos. Photobucket also has a very active community of mostly younger, non professional users, who upload photos from their iphones, blackberries, etc and post them all over the internet. Photobucket is tightly integrated with social media, making it very easy to share your photos on all the popular social networking sites (share pictures on facebook, twitter, etc). Pro accounts offer expanded range of features for a pretty cheap yearly fee.

Drawbacks: Free account only 500 megabytes, with 10G/Month bandwidth, and tons of ads. Upgrade to Pro for unlimited storage, bandwidth, FTP access to your account, and high-resolution images, and no-ads.

Price: Free to $24.95 / year for Pro

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