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SugarSync Review Summary

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Quick Stats:


30GB - $4.99/month or $49.99/year
60GB - $9.99/month or $99.99/year
100GB - $14.99/month or $149.99/year
250GB - $24.99/month or $249.99/year

SugarSync Business Pricing is different

Intro Offer

5 Gigabyte FREE account. Not a trial. No credit card required- SugarSync Free 5GB Offer >>

Backup Options Yes, download the SugarSync client for Windows or Mac, and it automatically backs up all selected files and folders in the background.
Photo Sharing Options SugarSync automatically organizes your photos into online albums for easy viewing and sharing. View on any browser or mobile device.
Video Sharing Options Only for iPod, iPad. No HTML video sharing.
General File Sharing Options Great, your all your files are available to you at anytime. If you've got an Internet connection, or wifi, you've got a mobile office. Just log on to SugarSync from any computer, mobile device, and you're good to go. Sugarsync also automatically organizes your photos and music for easy remote viewing or streaming, very cool!
Offline Access? No, an internet connection is required to access your files.
Mobile Device Access You can access your files on custom designed SugarSync iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps. Or access your files on any internet connected device with a web browser.
File Size Limits No file size limits
Versioning Yes, previous versions of files are automatically kept for 30 days.
Mac and Linux Versions? Yes, has both Windows and Mac functionality. No Linux version (but you can access the briefcase via FTP and web browsers)

SugarSync Overview

SugarSync is indeed one of the "Sweetest" file sharing services around. Sorry for the pun, but there is a lot to like about SugarSync. Their idea was to create a "Personal Cloud", giving you access anywhere, anytime, to all your files. To that end they created a program that installs on your Windows or MAC computer, then automatically syncs the files and folders you select to the cloud.

What do we like best about SugarSync (Pros)?

The best part of SugarSync are the number of ways they provide for you to access your files. Apps for iDevices (iPhone, iPad, etc), Windows phones, Android, and Blackberry let you know they are real serious about mobility. Plus, you can access your files via any web browser. Also, take any file or folder, make a public link that you can share via email, twitter, etc to give instant access to your friends or co-workers. Also, the music streaming and instant photo albums are also really nice functionality to help organize all your most important files.

What are the downsides of SugarSync(Cons)?

The only real problem we found with Sugar Sync is that they do not offer unlimited storage space. 100 or 250 GB is a lot of storage space, and should be enough for most users. Still, some users have at least that much in photos, video, and music files, so SugarSync may not be the best option of those that have tons of multimedia files

What is the difference between SugarSync and SugarSync Business?

SugarSync Business has one really interesting feature that no other file sharing or backup service we found offers: You can save five past versions of every file, and only one version counts against your storage quota! No extra charge for unlimited computers and devices per account. Most other services allow versioning, but ALL the files count against your quota. This file is very useful in many different business situations. You can also assign storage limits to each employee, and you can also set folder permissions for each employee or even for public users: grant read only, or edit access, as you see fit, to all your files. Very useful for client presentations and other important documents.

Bottom Line: Is SugarSync Worth the Price?

SugarSync is not the cheapest file backup and sharing service, but it does come packed with features. If you would like mobile access to your files, photos, videos, etc, then SugarSync has the richest suite and best support. If you just want a simple backup service, then it may not be the cheapest option. Still, a 5GB account FREE, forever, is the biggest free account we have found. So there is no reason not to take advantage of that.

Try SugarSync Today and See For Yourself: Go to SugarSync.com