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Snapfish Review

Very inexpensive print prices, print pictures for free from your home printer, process and scan film, very slick and easy to use website, upload small videos
Visitors must log in to view shared galleries, download original photos not free, No customizable galleries, Annual purchase requirement or account is deleted
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Bookmark and Share Snapfish (purchased by HP in 2005) has recently differentiated itself strongly as one of the low cost leaders when it comes to good quality consumer-grade prints. Plenty of good deals to be found on all types and sizes of prints.

Quick Stats:

Pricing Good, Free with annual purchase
Intro Offer Great, Free prints (up to 50 depending on offer) - Current Snapfish Best Intro Offer
Print Prices (4x6 glossy) Great, 9 cents each (or 8 cents if you purchase 100 at a time)
Customizable Galleries? Poor, no customization
Backup Photos? OK, you must pay to download your original full resolution photos
Print at Home? Great, up to 8x10, for free
Easy to Share Galleries? OK, your friends must sign-in to see your prints

Snapfish Likes:

With prints as low as 8 cents if you purchase in blocks of 100, or 9 cents for any amount, Snapfish reigns supreme in the print arena. Check out the detailed Snapfish pre-paid prints option for cheap prints. They also have amazingly cheap shipping and great deals on processing actual film (remember those little canisters?), Snapfish is a good choice for the user who makes lots of prints, and users who still use a film camera.

If you do not want to wait for your pictures to be shipped to you, Snapfish also has a great Print At Home option, which works on both the MAC and PC, so you can print your photos on your home printer for free. This feature is especially useful and very easy to use, highly recommended when you want a couple of prints right away.

The Snapfish website is very slick and easy to use, which will enhance your experience and make doing the most common tasks fast and easy. Overall, Snapfish has the best in class website for ordering photos. Snapfish also lets you upload some limited videos for sharing as well. The photo upload options are very easy and don't hog many computer resources like other sites.

Snapfish Dislikes:

On the downside, like most other photo printing sites, sharing is quite burdensome as your guests must sign in or create an account just to view your photos. Also there is no control over how your gallery is displayed (cannot customize), and your guests cannot download your original digital photos for any price, though they are free to order prints.

Bottom Line:

With a wide selection of print options, this is the go-to site for users who print a lot of photos but only share albums occasionally.

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