SmugMug Detailed Review - Sign-up and Getting Started

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Easy Sign-up

Signing up with SmugMug is super easy.  Email, password, account name, and BAM, you are done! Don't forget to go to our SmugMug coupons page to get the most recent discount available, usually 20% or more. We have some special SmugMug Coupons just for PhotoSharingReviews readers.

Smugmug Review - Easy Signup and Smug Mug Discounts

Upload Photos to SmugMug

Next, it’s time to upload some photos. No other settings you need to fill out, just start uploading. Smugmug automatically organizes your photos into categories. I decided to categorize this particular gallery as "Street Scenes".

SmugMug review - Uploading Photos to SmugMug

In this case, you can see how that effects the URL of where visitors will be able see my photos at because the category (in this case Street Scenes) is automatically inserted into the URL text. SmugMug is near perfect, but this is one thing that still bugs me. If the URL text is really important to you, you might want to consider Zenfolio (read our full Zenfolio review click here), which lets you customize the URL name to be anything you want it to be. But, SmugMug has a lot of other great features Zenfolio doesn't....anyway I digress. My URL ended up as:

I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the photos at Aaron-Ms-photos (it obviously cannot use the apostrophe in the URL), so let’s take out the ‘ and just make it Aaron-M-Photos. Other options you can choose from here are pre-defined theme’s, the thumbnail type, and gallery privacy. Now, lets upload some photos.

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