Smugmug Pro Account Review

Pro Watermarks, Right-click Protection for your photos, Custom Domain Name, Free Smugmug CSS Style Sheet modifications, best online site to sell photos
No Free Account Level, Expensive prints relative to other sites, No discount on larger print orders
Free Trial! Pro Review Summary

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Bookmark and Share Smugmug vs Kodak vs Shutterfly vs Flickr Pro - SmugMug is clearly the winner. After our extensive reviews, SmugMug Pro came out on top when compared to all other services.

Quick Stats:

Pricing Good, three different levels of service (but no free option)
Intro Offer Good, 14 day free trial - Current Smugmug Pro Best Offer
Smugmug Print Prices (4x6 glossy) OK, 19 cents each for pro-grade prints
Customizable Galleries? Great, high degree of customization including full Smugmug CSS modifications
Backup Photos? Great, unlimited storage and free downloads for pro accounts
Print at Home? Great, any size, for free
Easy to Sell Photos? Great, you set your photo price

Whats So Great About the SmugMug Pro Account Anyway?

Compared to Flickr, Picasa, and Shutterfly Pro, SmugMug has the most features, easiest customizations, and the best support! Once upon a time, if you wanted a fully customized online photography portfolio, you needed to hire a graphic and web designer, pay them boat loads of money, wait weeks or months, then at last you had your own site. If you ever needed a change, you would have to give them a call and pay again for further customizations. SmugMug Pro is fully customizaable, so much so that you can include your own header, footer, flash gallery slideshow, etc. The options are endless.

Is SmugMug Pro Worth the Price?

The Smugmug Professional Account is $149.95 a year, and for photographers who take their craft seriously, either professionals or amateurs, it is simply the best account available today. When you consider that you get 100% free bandwidth and storage for as many photos as you can upload, and that you can download the full resultion original from any computer in the world (you cannot download full resolution from Shutterfly, Kodak, or Snapfish), it really has no peer in the marketplace.

SmugMug Pro Is the Best Site To Sell Your Photos

I reviewed all the sites that let you sell photos, set your own prices, and SmugMug Pro is the best. It is also the best site to sell your professional pictures and the best site to use as a portfolio and sell your work. It is the best because you can set your own prices of all your pictures, change the look and feel of the gallery, add your custom header and logo, watermark your photos, and add free right-click protection for your photos.

Is SmugMug Pro the Best Account Level?

Absolutely. For only about $12 a month, its the only account you can find that gives you the total CSS customization, making SmugMug look like YOUR site not their site. Besides having the best features to sell pictures online, you can customize your online photography portfolio to suit your needs.

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