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Smugmug Pro Review

Pro Watermarks, Right-click Protection for your photos, Custom Domain Name, Free Smugmug CSS Style Sheet modifications, best online site to sell photos
Expensive Pro account options relative to features. Pro account adds very few features. Pro Business account is quite costly.
Free Trial! Pro Review Summary

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Bookmark and Share Detailed Review of SmugMug Pro accounts. We compare SmugMug Pro and SmugMug Pro Business to see if they are worth the cost.

Quick Stats:

Pricing SmugMug offers 2 distinct "Pro" options: Pro and Business Pro. They come in at $150 and $300 a year, respectively
Intro Offer Good, 14 day free trial - Current Smugmug Pro Best Offer
Pro Features Watermarks, Choice of Labs, and Backprinting with Pro. Add ability to sell with Business Pro, including custom coupon codes, branded shopping cart, and events and packages.
Customizable Galleries? Great, high degree of customization including full Smugmug CSS modifications
Backup Photos? Great, unlimited storage and bandwidth for all pro accounts
SEO Features No advanced SEO features
Easy to Sell Photos? You set your photo price with Business Pro account only

Is SmugMug Pro Worth the Price?

Lets review the different types of SmugMug accounts.

At the non-pro level, you pay only $40 or $60 per year, to store unlimited photos, and 20 minute HD videos. So when you step up to the Pro level, you would expect to get even more features. Starting at $150 a year for the Pro account, it is a lot more expensive than the Power account at $60 a year. So what do you get for the $90 extra a year?

$150 a year Pro account includes:

-All the features in Power account (Unlimited photos, HD video, custom domain name)

+Choose a different Pro lab, Photo Watermarks, Custom printmarks, photo backprinting

Not a whole lot of features for an extra $90 a year. I'm not sure many would choose that level.

$300 a year Pro Business Account includes:

-All of the above features, plus ability to sell photos (including custom shopping cart, packages, coupons, and events)

So, if you want to sell photos, the $300 a year Pro Business account is the only option

SmugMug Pro Likes

There is a lot to like about SmugMug. At PSR, we love the fact that SmugMug gives the user the absolute MOST control over your account. You can really get into the nitty gritty (if you want), and change the CSS style sheets, do some programming, and modify a brunch of things to your hearts content. This is great if you are a perfectionist or you usually don't like the standard templates. It is a great feature for some people. Although you must be careful, because with great power, comes the great ability to totally screw up your entire site (I have done it). So, use those tools carefully. Still, there aren't any other sites out there that we know about that give you this much control over how you site looks and functions.

SmugMug Pro Dislikes

The downside to SmugMug is two fold: 1) If you don't want to customize the site, and you prefer a SmugMug standard template, there are not a lot of "professional" looking choices. There are a few that look great, but there are generally more better looking out of the box options on the other sites. 2) The prices. At $300 a year, SmugMug Pro Business is quite costly.

Final Words - SmugMug Pro Review Summary

SmugMug Pro Business has a lot of good features, no doubt. And PSR has always been a fan of SmugMug and their excellent customer service and fanatical users. But, now that it is more than double the cost of a year of Zenfolio Pro if you want to sell photos, we don't really see that SmugMug is offering twice the features. Check out the SmugMug vs. Zenfolio review here. So it makes it hard to give it a full recommendation to SmugMug Pro (hence the 3 stars). Sure, SmugMug is great, and, if you want to modify your site and get under the covers, this is your best bet. Still, for most users, we think they will either get more value from Zenfolio, or enjoy the true professional features of PhotoShelter.

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