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Which site is better for Pro Photographer?

Bookmark and Share There are many sites online that assist the professional or serious amateur photographer with selling their photos online. We have reviewed Picasa, Flickr, Zenfolio, and more. The two best sites on the market that let you do that today are Smugmug and Shutterfly Professional.

But besides selling pictures, there are a ton of other reasons to upgrade to a Pro account, including:

  • Enhanced security features
  • Watermarking for your pictures
  • The ability to brand your site by removing the header and footer and really making it yours
  • Back-printing on your photos with any message you want
  • 7 day proof period before the order ships
  • The ability to fully customize your photo shopping cart

You can see why the pro sites are worth the small monthly or yearly fee. They are both catered to the photo professional, but they meet these needs in different ways. Read on below to find out which one comes out on top.

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Full Review

Overall Rating
Sell Photos to make a profit?
Yes - You keep 85% of sales price.
Yes - You keep 85% of sales price.
Customizable Galleries?
Yes, fully customizable galleries from many styles pre-made, and the ability to import your own CSS style sheets and change just about anything you want.

Somewhat customizable, including business name, address, and basic information. All your pages have clean look and feel.

Replace Site logo with your own?
Yes, including custom headers and footers.

Yes, you can replace the name and basic info, but you cannot add your logo.

Web 2.0 and social features
Users can comment on your photos, and send links to friends. RSS feeds available.


Disk Space, Max Size of Photo Upload

Unlimited Storage and bandwidth.

Photo size up to 24 megabytes .

PRO - 5 Gigabyte limit

PREMEIR - no limit

No photo size limit

File Types
JPEG, GIF, PNG (RAW, TIFF, PSD with SmugVault)
JPEG files only.
Sell Photo Books and other gifts?
Yes, wide selection.
Yes, wide Selection.
Add Videos?
Yes, up to 5 minutes in HD and 10 minutes in DVD quality (up to 512 megabytes max size).
Sell Digital Downloads?
Yes, any size.
Customize Domain Name?
Watermarks and copyright protection

Yes, make any watermark you wish and apply it to photos or galleries. Can only watermark pictures as you upload, not after the fact.

Right click protect your photos to prevent visitors from saving a copy.

Custom Watermarking available. Some decent watermarks included.

No right click protection.

Geotagging capabilities
Automatically accesses Geotag info, or manually geotag your photos to see them on a map.
Keywords and Search
Add keywords to any photos. Search box only searches photos on your site so you can sell more.
No search in Pro Gallery.
Can password protect galleries or just "hide" them so you need the link in order to view.
Can password protect galleries.

4x6 | 8x10 | Postcard

Wholesale Prices

4x6 - $.19 to $.21 based on finish

8x10 - $1.99

Postcard - $12.95 per 20

4x6 - $.34

8x10 - $3.19

Postcard - $6.99 per 12

Cost (per year)

$149.95 Pro Account

$99 Pro (Sell pictures 5G storage limit)

$199 Premier (Sell Pictures no storage limit)

Give 'em a spin!

Best Offer - Try Smugmug

Smugmug Professional Account Review

The Smugmug Professional Account is the more expensive plan, but it is also the most feature packed plan. Top among professional photographers is the ability to completely brand the SmugMug site to make it your own. Go ahead and remove the header, the footer, change the colors and even the structure of the page itself. If you know any CSS, completley remodel the page to your own liking, while still getting the benefits of SmugMug's great gallery and ordering features.

The shopping cart is slick and intergrated into every gallery (or you can turn it off for selected galleries if you choose). Set priaces to sell your photos to be any price you want, and keep 85% of the profit. You can even sell multiple resolution digital downloads and set those prices as well. They will send you a check monthly for the photos or digital downloads you sell.

Photo security is important to all photographers, and one of the biggest risks to any pro is photo theft or lack of photo credits. SmugMug lets you automatically apply custom watermarks to your photos, and protect your photos so nobody can “right click” and save them if you so choose. You can also add IPTC keywords to your photos before uploading to SmugMug, and our search engine will return results matching those keywords. It's a way for you to embed hidden search terms in your photos.


Free Trial, Completely customizable interface, create an entire site with Smugmug's tools. Great photo management tools, including many bulk upload options with some just for the mac. Backprint photos with your website and photo ID for easy reorders. No diskspace or bandwidth limits.


Some options are a bit complex to setup, becuase there are so many choices. No different price levels for pro accounts.

Give Smugmug Pro a spin: Get Your Free Smugmug Trial Now!

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Shutterfly Professional Account Review

Shutterfly offers two options for their Professional accounts, at $99 and $199 a year. Both are essentially the same, expcept the cheaper option offers a maximum storage limit at 5 gigabytes. Both accounts allow you to setup a private storefront, where you can change the page title and add a link to your website, as well as set the prices for all the items you wish to sell (including prints and gifts such as albums and coffee mugs).


Clean Interface, Easy to setup print prices, watermarking feature easy to use and apply to photos already uploaded. Print prices are a bit high compared to other sites, so you make a bit less profit.


No free trial (but does come with 30 day money back guarantee), Cannot create a true "custom" look and feel. Can only change the text, cannot add your own banner or other links. Cannot add image ID, gallery name, or other dynamic features to the backprint of the photo.

Give it a spin: Free Shutterfly Professional Trial and Print Offer

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