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Simple as simple can be. Install it once, set it up, then forget it. Backups run silently in the background, protecting all your files. 2 GB Free account is great too.
Mozyhome only offers 50BG or 125GB, not enough for serious amounts of music of photographs. Upgrade to MozyPro to get more space.
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Mozy Review Summary

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Quick Stats:

Pricing 2GB Free account, $5.95 a month for 50GB (1 computer) and $9.95 a month for 125 GB (3 computers).
  • Add additional computers for $2 per month per computer.
  • Add an additional 20 GB of space for $2 per month.
MozyPro Pricing is different.
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Try it out for Free Forever with 2GBs - Mozy Home Free Trial

Backup Options Yes, download the Mozy client for Windows or Mac, and it automatically backs up all selected files and folders in the background.
Photo Sharing Options None, this is strictly a backup service
Video Sharing Options None, this is strictly a backup service
General File Sharing Options None, this is strictly a backup service
Offline Access? Yes, with Mozy 2xProtect, you can backup files to the remote cloud and an external hard drive at the same time! Double the backup, very cool feature.
Mobile Device Access / Apps Yes! Free iPhone app allows you to send files as an email attachment, as well as view files (for file types that your mobile platform can render). You can also see photo thumbnails, and download the full photo (even at high resolution) for any photo or photos you choose.
File Size Limits No file size limits
Use your own Encryption Key? Yes! This means that only you can access your data.
Mac and Linux Versions? MozyHome supports Windows 7, 2000, XP, and Vista (32 & 64 bit), and Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, & 10.4.

Mozy Overview

Mozy is one of the most trusted online backup services around. Actually, their slogan is "The Most Trusted Online Backup Solution". So why are they the most trusted? Well to start with, they are owned by EMC corporation, a fortune 500 company known for elegant and secure data storage solutions. MozyHome is super simple to use, and is really a "set it and forget it" type of product, where once it is setup, it will just run in the background (unless there is a problem). Mozy also provides excellent support, with live 24/7 IM and email ticket support available.

What Makes Mozy Great (Mozy Pros)?

Mozy takes your data safety and security very very seriously. They are one of the only online back up services that actually lets you specify your own encryption key. Why is this important? If you use your own key, that means that Nobody, including the employees of Mozy, can see your data. If you ever lose that key, your data will be totally useless. All the online backup services we reviewed encrypt your data, but most use a key that is accessible by their own employees (for a variety of reasons). So for those that wan the #1 product in privacy, Mozy is it. Also, we really like the Mozy 2xProtect feature, which backs up your data securely to an external hard drive if you desire, so that you have a local and remote backup of your computer. Pretty cool! The rest of the Mozy features are on par with the industry average, which include automated seamless backups from multiple computers, data encryption, multiple data storage facilities, etc. Overall, we give them a high, 4 start, rating.

What are the downsides of Mozy (Mozy Cons)?

The only downsides of Mozy are the lack of sharing and syncing features. Mozy is designed a backup solution only, so some of the cool features (Like Livedrive's Briefcase) are just not available. It was designed this way, so if you need those features, you will have to find a different product, or many people use both a backup solution like Mozy and a Synchronization service like LiveDrive or Dropbox.

What is the difference between MozyHome and MozyPro?

Really, the main difference is that Mozy Home is designed for the home user or family, and Mozy Pro is designed for companies with more than 3 computers. Mozy Pro is priced on a per user / per GB basis, so the scaleability is really unlimited. Read more about MozyPro here.

Bottom Line: Is MozyHome Worth the Price?

We think Mozy is great, and definitely a great backup service. Like we mentioned before, it is not everything to everybody, but sometimes simplicity is better than too many un-used features. If you want a solid and super-secure backup service, Mozy is the one for you!

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