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The only service we have found that offers unlimited storage and bandwidth as their default pricing plan, this is a great deal. iPhone and iPad apps as well as a sync folder are great too.
No free account, no photo gallery. Support is limited if you have issues. There must be some catch, right?
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LiveDrive Review Summary

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Quick Stats:

Pricing No free account. Basic backup is $7.95 per month, or Briefcase, which gives you Dropbox-esque (Dropbox Review) folder syncing functionality is available for $15.95. Get them both for $24.95 a month for up to 5TB of space. Also gives you the option to backup your NAS for $7.95 a month
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Backup Options Yes, download the Livedrive client for Windows or Mac, and it automatically backs up all selected files and folders in the background.
Photo Sharing Options Only for iPod, iPad. No HTML photosharing. Briefcase version has a cool drag and drop photo capability though with Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug! Awesome feature!
Video Sharing Options Only for iPod, iPad. No HTML video sharing.
General File Sharing Options Great, with the Briefcase version make any folder public and inivite friends to view and collaborate via a secure URL. This space is limited to 2 Terabytes. You can also access the briefcase via any FTP client if you choose.
Offline Access? No, internet connection is required to access your briefcase
Mobile Device Access You can access your files on custom designed Livedrive iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps. Or access your files on any internet connected device with a web browser.
File Size Limits No file size limits
Versioning Yes, previous versions of files are automatically kept for 30 days.
Mac and Linux Versions? Yes, has both Windows and Mac functionality. No Linux version (but you can access the briefcase via FTP and web browsers)

Livedrive Overview

Livedrive started competing against similar companies such as Mozy and Dropbox, but decided to combine the features of both service into one awesome product! You get a great syncing and online file sharing service, as well as an unlimited file backup service, all for one price. And while Mozy and others stopped providing unlimited storage options, Livedrive continues to do so, making it our top pick! The backup service runs invisibly in the background, monitoring your computer for new files and sending them to your livedrive automatically, you don't have to do anything to have a completely backed-up computer.

What is the difference between LiveDrive and Livedrive Briefcase?

This is a common question that we thought we would shed some light on. The main difference between the backup and briefcase accounts comes down to cool briefcase functionality. Livedrive Briefcase allows you to share files across different computers, as well as with your friends via a URL. This lets you share endless files with all your friends and family (no more emailing large files ever again). This service comes with a default of 2 Terabytes (huge!), so its unlikely you would run out, but it is not unlimited.

What about the LiveDrive ProSuite Version

The livedrive ProSuite is a pretty sweet deal. It combines the best of the Briefcase and Backup services of LiveDrive, combining them into a 5TB super account that lets you easily share files, backup 5 computers, and keep everything in sync. For the serious users who need to keep a lot of computers in sync, share files with colleagues and friends, and access everything on the go, this is the best service available!

Bottom Line: Is Livedrive Worth the Price?

We think Livedrive is great, and a total bargain! Backups are just not effective when you have to constantly monitor your usage and wonder if you hit your 100 gigabyte cap, which is why unlimited backups from Livedrive are one of the few backup services we high recommend. When you add in the very cool and useful functionality of livedrive briefcase, you have a real winner of a product offering at an exceptional price! The only downside is that there is limited service, via email only, probably a result of keeping the price so low. But for most users, this won't be a problem as their software works rather well and is not overly complicated. Overall, we highly recommend Livedrive. Now go and backup all your stuff, everything!

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