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There really aren't any customizations you can make, even with Pro. The free account is limited on how many photos you can upload and has a bandwidth cap.
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Flickr and Flickr Pro Review Summary

Bookmark and Share Flickr Professional Account Review - Read below to find out if Flickr or Flickr Pro is right for you. Get detailed feature breakdowns, price comparisons, and Flickr discount coupons below...

Quick Stats:

Pricing Great! The free account is legendary, and at $24.95 a year the Pro account is the best deal in town
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Printing on Flickr Yes, Flickr partnered with Snapfish to give you great print prices
Customizable Galleries? Not so much, everyone gets the same Flickr look and feel
Backup Photos? Great, unlimited storage and free downloads for pro accounts
Print at Home? Great, any size, for free
Easy to Sell Photos? No Selling Photos on Flickr, but its a great way to publicize your work and link to your portfolio where you can sell your photos (with a Zenfolio, Smugmug, or other Pro Photo Selling Account)

Why Flickr? What is Flickr?

Flickr is one of the original photo sharing services, and certainly one of the largest photo sharing communities on the planet. All kinds of photographers use Flickr, from amateurs to professionals, and from Uncle Bob's vacation photos to camera phone shots by 10 year olds, there is literally every kind of photo imaginable on Flickr (well, almost every kind. No nudity or anything too racy is allowed).

The brilliance of Flickr is in its reach, with millions of page views and so many users, it is a great place to showcase your very best work, network with other like minded photographers, and get exposure. It is super easy to share your work on facebook, twitter, etc, and people can easily comment on your photos right on Flickr. With a Free Account option, there is really no reason not to have a Flickr Account.

What is the difference between Flickr and Flickr Pro?

The main difference between the Free and Pro Flickr accounts comes down to how many photos and videos you can upload every month, and how many people can download your photos or videos every month (bandwidth). The free account is limited to:

  • 2 Videos uploads per month
  • 300 MB of photos every month
  • 300 MB of bandwidth every month

I think the biggest issue is really with bandwidth, as 300 MB really isn't much, especially if you want 100's of people to actually see your work.

The pro account, at a very reasonable $24.95 a year, erases all those limits and gives you Unlimited everything. Unlimited uploads, bandwidth, and HD videos! It also allows you to archive your high quality originals, and download them later, which is a very nice feature, as well as posting your photos to any of 60 groups.

Is Flickr Pro Worth the Price?

We think so, at $24.95 it is one of the cheapest "Pro" accounts available. We think Flickr is not really a competitor to major Pro sites like PhotoShelter or Smugmug, but rather a great compliment. Many pro photographers we have met usually have both a Pro account where they can sell their photos and showcase all their work at SmugMug (or any of the other great pro sites), AND they have a Pro FLickr account as well. Why have both? Mainly, Flickr is a great Social Photography tool, and a great place to show off your work. It is a very small investment with a very big reward: exposure! We think its worth it!

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