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For Instance, did you know that:

  • If your hard drive ever crashes and you need to recover your precious photos, some sites let you download your FULL Size original digital photo for free, while others charge for each electronic download of your own photo? Worse yet, some do not let you download your original photo ever!

  • Some sites will delete ALL your photos, gone forever, if you do not make at least one purchase per year.

  • You can save hundreds of dollars per year by using this one simple tip when purchasing photo prints.

  • Almost every photo printing site has discounts RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE that your probably do not know about, which could save you 30% or more off your order and even get you free shipping.

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My name is Aaron MacDaniel, founder of As a photo enthusiast and freelance photographer for websites, magazines, and weddings, I have been using online photo printing and sharing services for over 7 years. Over the years, I have found an increasing array of services and features offered by a dizzying array of online photo sharing and printing providers. Since I have used so many services over the years, many of my friends asked me which service was the “best”?

The real answer is, “it depends on what you need”. There are many possible answers to “best”, and often several solutions will work well for you. The truth of the matter is, even if you aren’t a professional photographer, you can greatly benefit from some of the features offered by the higher-end services. On the other hand, if you are looking for the simplest solution possible, and want something that is easy to use, which service is the best for you?

Through my countless hours of research, and thousands of dollars in prints for myself and my clients, I created a detailed report called the Full Guide to Online Photo and Video Sharing. In this guide, I will show you:

  • How to get the cheapest prints for many different photo services

  • How to find the services that will never, ever delete your precious photos

  • How to use the services to safely store and backup all your photos in case your computer or hard drive ever crashes.

  • Where to find the hidden discount codes that the biggest sites never publish.

  • Discover the TURE costs of the “free” photo sharing sites before you start using them (Guess what, most are not really FREE after all)

  • A complete list of the storage limits, file types, mega-pixel limits and other restrictions that most sites never ever publish (and how it took me multiple phone calls to customer service to actually get the truth out of some photo sharing services)

  • How to post your personal VIDEO’s (even HD videos) along with your pictures for a full multi-media sharing experience that is way better than YouTube or any other pure video site on the market today.

  • Which photo sharing sites to avoid completely due to high prices or lack of features

  • How to create your own photo webpage for free, which includes unlimited bandwidth and fully customizable options.

  • Which photo site will let you create customizable galleries, slideshows, and even your own domain name ( or www.YourNameFamilyPhotograhy).

  • How to find photo sites that automatically import EXIF (photo details) data
  • How to instantly map the location where you took your photo to a map of the world

  • How to find sites that let you setup photo keywords, so guests can search your photo galleries for specific photos.

  • Plus many more features reviewed

The best part is, this valuable guide, normally Priced at $39.95, is yours today FREE for simply signing up to our mailing list.

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