Selling Photos on PhotoShelter just got cheaper!

PhotoShelter Just announced that they have made a few changes to their account pricing! And usually, when I hear about changes, I am thinking the price is going up. Nice to see that sometimes, things change for the better. Primarily, Photo Shelter’s changes include the following:

  • No fee to create a sales account! It used to be $50 for some accounts, but now, anyone can sell photos for free with any type (except trial) PhotoShelter Account. From PhotoShelter’s email: “No sales activation fee. Previously, Basic and Starter account holders had to pay $50 to sell through PhotoShelter, but we’ve eliminated this fee altogether. If you’ve paid this fee in the past 14 days, you will be refunded automatically. We want you to sell!”
  • PhotoShelter has always given photographers the best choice of Photo labs to integrate with (see our PhotoShelter Labs Review here), and now they are announcing one more: BWD Photo Imaging lab. The quite from PhotoShelter” BWC Photo Imaging joins the list of automated print vendors. If you were using ExposureManager, you’re already familiar with BWC since they provided fulfillment for many items. After a fruitful relationship with ExposureManager, we’ve decided to partner directly with BWC which means a much broader selection of products, faster fulfillment, and in many cases, better pricing. In the meantime, we’re excited to announce that BWC is offering a 20% discount on all standard 1.5 inch canvas prints as an incentive for you to take a look. The discounted prices are already available in your product list. Take advantage of this generous offer before it expires on June 1, 2011.”
  • The last annoucement was better billing for the sales of photos you complete on your PhotoShelter account. It used to be a bit more confusing becuase the print labs would bill you in addition to getting a seperate montlhy PhotoShelter invoice. But now, Photograhers who sell their photos or order prints will only get a single monthly bill. Thats a nice relief. Here is the statement from PhotoShelter: “Simplified billing for sales. Your cost on print/product orders fulfilled by an automated print vendor (BWC, EZ Prints, AdoramaPix, and Spectrum) will now be billed by PhotoShelter with your regular monthly account statement – no print vendor will ever bill you directly. This will make reconciliation much easier, and you’ll have some extra time after the point of sale before you’re billed. Further, you will no longer need to keep a credit card on file separately within the sales section of your account.”

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