PhotoShelter announces free Facebook Fan Guide eBook

PhotoShelter (Photoshelter review) just announced a brand new ebook that is designed to help photographers figure out how to create the most impactful Facebook Fan page that they can. The increasing importance of social media in getting the word out about your services, as well as interacting and maintaining your fan base, is incredibly important.

You can check out all the cool books PhotoShelter has available here:

In order to get the Facebook ebook, you have to go to their Facebook page, click on the “Like” button, and then a dialogue appears asking for your email. In this marketing tactic, once signed up, the ebook arrives within a few minutes. I think the “Like” for “something free” concept is interesting, as it drives users to action in a relatively fair and direct way, and the value proposition of a decent ebook or promo for a simple “Like” is pretty strongly in favor of the “Liker”, while still benefiting the “Likee”

So is the book worth the “Like” on facebook? I think so. It is a 24 page slide deck that comes with some great basic information on why it is important to have a Facebook fan page, how that helps people find you both on Facebook and through normal SEO channels, and then wraps up with some nice looking case studies. Overall, I think it is another fine product produced by PhotoShelter.

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