Flickr Review Added

PhotoSharingReviews is happy to announce another new review has been added: Flickr and Flickr pro. Expect more coverage of these Photo Sharing vanguards in the coming weeks. Flickr has been around for a very long time, and we finally decided that it is time we add them to our extensive Photo Sharing Reviews lineup.

Why is Flickr such a great service? Lots of reasons, but mainly because it is simply so huge. With so many users and so many photographs, every photographer should have a Flickr account, or at least a free Flickr account. I like to use Flickr to broadcast new photos to the world, and I have my Flickr account link to my SmugMug account, so users who are tempted by my Flickr photos can go to SmugMug and see more.

Other Photographers purchase the Flickr Pro account, which has unlimited uploads and bandwidth, and add all their photos to Flickr. Either way, Flickr is a great compliment to an existing portfolio service, or can be used as a standalone service.

Up next I will be reviewing some of the more advanced Flickr features, including the in house photo editor.

You can check out our Flickr Review here