Huge Kodak Discounts Extended!

Kodak must be feeling the heat like other retailers of the economic downturn, with some incredible deals and for the first time ever, 9 CENT prints from one of the quality leaders! Not only that, they are still offering 75 FREE prints for new customers, which is the best deal on the net at the moment and likely will be until it expires 1/31/08. So if you haven’t tried Kodak Easy Share Gallery, now is the time. Other discounts and coupon codes below:

New Gallery Offers !
9 Cent Prints: For the first time ever, Kodak Gallery offers 4×6 prints at just $0.09! Coupon code NEWYEARPRINTS. Expires 1/8/09.

Calendar Sale: Save 35% on on Calendars at Kodak Gallery with coupon code 2009CAL. Expires 1/8/09.

Photo Book Sale: Save 25% on Classic Photo Books at Kodak Gallery with coupon code 25CLASSIC. Expires 1/8/09.

Photo Card Sale: Save 20% on ALL Photo Cards at Kodak Gallery with coupon code 2009CARDS. Expires 1/8/09.

Enjoy these discounts and Happy New Year to all!