Picasa and Flickr Reviews plus Coupons Added!

So how does Picasa compare┬áto Smugmug? What about Flickr? Well, now you can find out for yourself with two more unbiased and factual reviews of Flickr (Yahoo) and Picasa (Google) photo sharing services. Review Picasa’s and Flickr’s features side-by-side to compare disk space, sharing options, printing providers, and more!

Compare the sites here: http://www.photosharingreviews.com/ps/compare-all/

Also, I have just recently added an entire new content section to the site for the best Free Print Coupons and monthly deal specials. These pages will be updated regularly to ensure you also can easily find the best photo printing deals every month! No other site even comes close to consolidating all this information into one place. Check it out now and come back often!