Zenfolio Slides Shows Review – Add Music and More

Zenfolio Slide Shows Review

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For those who put together photographs for a slideshow presentation, you know that there are some obstacles to overcome to making your efforts memorable. Whether you are making a presentation at a business meeting, hosting a wedding party or just showing a few friends your vacation photographs, there are few things worse than sitting through a boring slideshow.
For those looking at ways to spice up their slideshow, Zenfolio offers a powerful way to augment your presentation so that it has the greatest impact. In this Zenfolio review, you’ll see how this company can provide you with the right method to liven up your slideshow so it makes the best impression.

How to Create Zenfolio Slide Shows

Generally speaking, the one element that can add the most to your slideshow efforts is selecting the right music. All too often, the lack of music or worse, having the wrong choice of music can really sink your sideshow. Zenfolio addresses that issue by providing a wealth of choices when it comes to having the proper music to enhance your photographic display.
With access to more than 10,000 songs, you can search to find the right one that will work for you. The music comes in a wide number of genres so you can find the right one that works best. Many of the world’s top photographers have used music selections found in Zenfolio to enhance their slideshow presentations.
The music is divided into a number of categories so you can find the one that feels right for your slideshow program. You can select songs by mood, instrument and form as well as choose from other categories so you can narrow your choices quickly and find the right one for you.

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For those who want to try out this method of enhancing their photographic slideshows, they can take advantage of the Zenfolio coupon which allows for free access to this music for over a week. This gives a person plenty of time to explore the many different combinations of music available and choose the right selections for their presentation.
Here are some recommendations to help you narrow your choices from the vast music selection that Zenfolio offers. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the right type of music for the event in which you are making your presentation.

Business or Event

If you are making a slideshow presentation for a business meeting or setting, then you’ll want something subtle with a nice beat so that it underscores the points you are trying to highlight. If you are narrating during the slideshow, be sure to keep the music low and select a choice that doesn’t have a dramatic rise in the score which can be distracting.


Wedding photos can be a lot of fun for family and friends if you have a great background beat to help highlight the joy of the moment. You’ll want to select a track that is pop in nature and reflective of any theme that your wedding employed.
This Zenfolio review has highlighted some of the great uses that music has to lift up your presentation. Be sure to use the Zenfolio coupon so you can try out their vast selection and choose the right music for you.

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