Upcoming Reviews

Hi All, just wanted to let you know about some great new reviews we have coming soon. To get started we reviewed some of the top photo sharing and printing sites: SmugMug, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, and ClarkColor. These are some of the most popular sites for sharing and printing.

Coming soon, we will review Google’s offering (Picasa) and Yahoo’s service (Flickr). Both are considerably different, and the actual differences may really surprise you!

Also, stay tuned for our online print review coming up at the end of October. I ordered the same set of prints (from my recent Cancun trip) of varying conditions (day, night, indoor, outdoor, and varying degrees of contrast and color). Since I ordered them on the same day within minutes of each other, I will be judging on both speed of delivery, total price including shipping costs and tax, and of course, which prints look the best.

In the meantime, you might find this article on Boston.com useful, where they have done their own online photo print test: