Reviewing Online File Sharing Sites Livedrive and Dropbox

When we started here at, we had a single focused vision to take a close look at all the different sites that let you share photos, and then videos, online. As cloud computing began to take off, many users decided that storing other files online in the cloud was also a necessity, why just stop at photos?

So, we are now beggning to include online file sharing and storage services in our review line ups. Our first two reviews take a look at two unique service offerings: A LiveDrive Review and A Dropbox Review.

To begin with, is a pretty cool service that is mainly a “file syncronization” service. This lets you sync files on your various computers, including but limited to photos and videos. And Dropbox includes a bare-boned but sometimes useful Online Photo Gallery that lets you share photos really easily via a secure https link that you can send to y our friends. We like dropbox for its simplicity and usefulness. But, it sometimes can be a bit of a resource hog, slowing down my netbook to a crawl while syncing files. But on my more powerful laptop, it worked without a hitch. Read our full review about Dropbox here.


Then, we also added our review on This service has two distinct file sharing options, called Backup and Briefcase. Backup includes unlimited storage. Yes, you read that correctly, they offer truly unlimited storage (for one computer), no limit on the gigabytes from one PC that you can upload. If you upgrade to the briefcase version, it comes with the unlimited backup, and lets you use it on up to 3 computers. Briefcase is somewhat similar to Dropbox, where you can sync files between your 3 computers with a mounted drive, similar to a USB drive that is mounted in the cloud. The briefcase isn’t unlimited, but it comes with 2 Terabytes of storage, which should be plenty for most users. How does it stack up? Read our full Review here!

Livedrive Review

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