Monthly Archives: November 2008

How to sell your digital photos online

When I started to shoot wedding photos, and some other events as well, I needed a way to get prints and digital downloads from the events into my client’s hands quickly and easily. Plus, I needed to get paid. After some research, I found there were really two basic options: 1) Upload the pictures to my […]

Which Photo Printing Site delivers the fastest prints?

One of the key service metrics of any photo printing site, besides photo quality and price, should be delivery time. Unfortunately, this is something that is very hard to find. There is virtually no information available at how long it will actually take from the time you click order until the time the photos show […]

Shutterfly Growth Surge

Shutterfly’s growth was up 10% last quarter, doubling the analyst estimate from the street (what do they know anyway, but I digress). According to the article in Motley fool not only is Shutterfly getting more customers, but those customers are spending more when they visit. The catch is, they are spending more on personalized products […]

Picasa and Flickr Reviews plus Coupons Added!

So how does Picasa compare to Smugmug? What about Flickr? Well, now you can find out for yourself with two more unbiased and factual reviews of Flickr (Yahoo) and Picasa (Google) photo sharing services. Review Picasa’s and Flickr’s features side-by-side to compare disk space, sharing options, printing providers, and more! Compare the sites here: Also, […]