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Selling Photos on PhotoShelter just got cheaper!

PhotoShelter Just announced that they have made a few changes to their account pricing! And usually, when I hear about changes, I am thinking the price is going up. Nice to see that sometimes, things change for the better. Primarily, Photo Shelter’s changes include the following: No fee to create a sales account! It used […]

SmugMug Pro Review

Looking for an in-depth Smugmug Professional Review? We have it right here! We compared Smugmug Pro to PhotoShelter, Flickr, Picasa, Shutterfly and more, and found that it came out on top with 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has the best features, the easiest customization, the best features for Pros that include HD video, individual […]

Best site to sell photos online

Looking for the best site to sell photos online? We have the answer! After careful review and anlysis, we have determined that SmugMug Professional is the best site to sell photos online! Why? Lets review: -Unlimited Storage of photos -Unlimited bandwidth -Easily set your prices of each photo or an entire gallery -Keep 85% of the […]

How to sell your digital photos online

When I started to shoot wedding photos, and some other events as well, I needed a way to get prints and digital downloads from the events into my client’s hands quickly and easily. Plus, I needed to get paid. After some research, I found there were really two basic options: 1) Upload the pictures to my […]